First stop: from Regina to Vanderhoof

Vanderhoof plays host to two new constables from the East Coast at their first post after training.

Left to right: Sporting Movember moustaches on Nov. 26

Along with Cpl. Cameron Fergusson who started at the local RCMP detachment in October, Vanderhoof plays host to two new constables from the East Coast at their first post after training.

Hailing from Sault St. Marie in Ontario, a 75,000-strong community on the shore of Lake Superior, Constable Anthony Giroux started his first RCMP post in Vanderhoof this June.

“It’s good to be actually doing field work, more interactive and interesting than training,” Giroux said.

Giroux previously worked for security in a mental health hospital in Ontario, and he wants to work with small communities in law enforcement.

Though he initially found it difficult to find housing in Vanderhoof, Giroux enjoys outdoor sports and he looks forward to explore the area with his snowmobile brought from home, he said.

Also in Vanderhoof for his first RCMP post, Constable Colby MacIntyre started his work at the detachment in April and originally came from Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island.

MacIntyre is not new to law enforcement, nor B.C., though, as he previously worked as a correction officer at the Vancouver Island Regional Correction Centre for five years.

His brother is currently also a member of the RCMP in Coronation, Alberta, and his father was the deputy chief of police in Charlottetown.

“I followed in his footsteps and started a career in policing,” MacIntyre said.

Before arriving in town for his first post after training, he served for two months in Ottawa for the Parliament’s increased protection, after the Oct. 2 shooting on Parliament Hill in 2014.

MacIntyre currently lives in Vanderhoof with his fiancee Amanda, his dog Arlo, and his cat Luna.

“We all like it here very much,” he said. “Everybody is open and nice…very friendly.”

He finds the district well-managed with lots of trails for walking and adequate amenities.

“Hopefully we’ll get a pool soon,” MacIntyre said. “I look forward to the future here.”