Integris Credit Union celebrates 65 years in Vanderhoof

Its been more than six decades from when Integris Credit Union made its way to Vanderhoof.

The Integris team poses for a photo April 17 to celebrate the banks presence in Vanderhoof for 65 years.

It was 65 years on Friday Integris Credit Union came to Vanderhoof.

“We were established out of a real need for people having difficulty getting financing. We were just people sitting around a kitchen table 65 years ago putting money in a shoebox to lend, and that’s how we got started,” LeRoy Vossler, chair of this year’s board said. “We’re focused on giving back to the community. Our social coperate responsibility is high on our list of mandates and our community and social wealth is as important to us as our financial wealth.”

Free hot dogs, cotton candy, and a photo booth catered to customers to help celebrate the commemorative day.

In partnership with the Vanderhoof Children’s Theatre, Integris gave $500 to the group in exchange for some helpers to greet guests at the main entrance.

Anna-Christin Vines, branch ambassador, extended a big thank you to all the banks members and staff and community members for supporting the Credit Union.

“The first office was underneath some stairs with a desk and cash box. Today is significant because it signifies where we come from and where we are now. It shows we’re here to support our community and we’re definitely here to stay,” she said.