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Billet families required to support 2017-18 hockey season

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The North West Lumberjacks youth hockey development team is looking to secure sponsorship, recruit players aged 14 and 15 years and find billet families for players coming from other parts of north west British Columbia. The team will draw players from the Northwest Zone which is from Vanderhoof to Prince Rupert. Players from out of town, staying with billet families will be enrolled as students at NVSS and be part of the hockey academy that EBus currently provides. These players will be playing the highest level at their age group.

The program was in its first year last season with teams in Thompson, Central Okanagan and North Okanagan. All indications are that it was a huge success. With the 2017-18 Regional Zone Pilot Program coming to Vanderhoof players will have an opportunity to play at the Tier 1 level.

The North West Lumberjacks will participate with one P.G. team, four from the Okanagan, East Kootenay and Whitehorse. Along with home games, there is plan to have a showcase weekend here in Vanderhoof where all the teams attend and play.

Billet families play an integral part both in the success of their billet’s hockey career and perhaps even more importantly in their personal growth, during these formative years, away from family.

“By opening your home to the players, you provide them with a stable and secure home away from home. Many long lasting friendships develop between players and their billet families.

“Without the help of billet families, the players would not be able to play for the team. Billets are invaluable to the success of the North West Lumberjacks hockey program and we look forward to working with you to help create a positive and rewarding experience for you, for players and for our community.

“We are drawing players from here to Prince Rupert. We are hoping to provide our local players an opportunity to play at a high level while being closer to home. Parents no longer need to conider sending their aspiring young hockey players at this age to academies elsewhere. This is a way to provide a chance to play high level hockey closer to home. We are hoping that the team is a success and young players will aspire to play for the Lumberjacks when they are at the appropriate age” says Marty.

“This program is an excellent way to retain and showcase our youth in the northwest. Where ever we go, people will be watching these games involving our players. We are optimistic that this will raise the level of hockey here in town and throughout the zone” says Marty Floris, Head Coach, North West Lumberjacks.

Any parties who may be open to considering billeting student athletes for the 2017-18 season or sponsoring the team please email the North West Lumberjacks billet coordinator, Nikki Arnold, at or at (250) 567-1236 ext. 2225

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