Scenes of mop-up and containment guard montioring activity at wildfires west and south of Vanderhoof. Photos submitted

Firefighters – we got your backs and stomachs!

Burgers, baking and beaver tails. Dishing up homemade community support for firefighting crews

Residents have been very appreciative of the firefighting efforts on the wildfires nearby, and watching all the news and evacuation alerts and orders around the province has been an eye-opener. Many who were able have gone to Prince George to volunteer and help serve the over 9,000 evacuees there.

As reported in the advertiser last Friday, there have been many people taking time to help in a variety of ways. Some have collected recycling donations for cash donations to red cross and several groups, especially youth, have gone to help feed, groom and exercise horses, pets and livestock evacuated to the CN Centre grounds and stables.

Here in town there’s been cooking meals and baking snacks to keep crews’ energy levels up.

“A bunch of people from Vanderhoof have been supplying food for the fire fighters. I was on the line today and they really really appreciate the food. Thank you.” – Leor Stanley.

“All the Firemen in the Vanderhoof area would like to Thank the Vanderhoof Community for providing such delicious baked goodies throughout this week. There was enough to go around to all the firefighting crews as well as the pilots and engineers. They were so grateful for your generosity. Thank you!” – Kristine Fuller McKee.

This past week Cherise Johnson and friends at the LDS Church in Vanderhoof have been busy baking like crazy and collecting donations of individually wrapped baked goods from dozens of others so that the goodies can be distributed among firefighters and helicopter crews and engineers etc. working on the teams fighting wildfires in the area.

“They are in need of treats to give them energy!” said Cherise calling out for assitance in a post on Facebook group, Vanderhoof Community Message Board. She got a healthy response. a whole kitchen full; tables and counters covered in carefully wrapped and marked baking. Notes described what the treats were and what ingredients and many had the word THANK YOU!

Carl Larson was one of the first to get touch with the firefighters camping at the Nechako Valley Exhibition Grounds and set in motion a dominoe effect of support.

On July 17, Ellen Smith Brooks sent out a message:

“Attention Vanderhoof friends. Anyone who is willing to help out with the wildfire emergency. We are feeding 50 local firefighters tonight and are in need of some donations. Please comment or message me what you can contribute. Donations need to be dropped off by 4pm today at the LDS Church 4590 McLeod Road.”

Many hands made light work of supplying all that was needed; Hamburger patties and buns, fresh salad ingredients, fresh baked rolls and utterly decadent freshly prepared while you wait “beaver tail” or “elephant ears” – deep fried dough delights topped with a smeer of butter, nutella and sprinkled icing sugar.

On several days last week sandwiches and refreshments were delivered to the Vanderhoof Airport building and placed in the cooler there for helicopter pilots and their engineering crew as well as the hot refueler technician. They were delighted with the sustenance.

As reported in another article in this edition, helicopter crews were also treated to a full hot breakfast on Saturday – eggs, sausage, pancakes the works!

On July 18, Ellen Smith Brooks sent out another message: “I know that many are asking what they can do to help with wildfires. Everyday in PG they are feeding evacuees and are in need of help with dishes and serving. This is through the Salvation Army using CNC kitchen and the LDS church is helping with scheduling.”

Ellen helped set up groups of four people to help with volunteer shifts in Prince George including; Breakfast 6:00 – 10:00 a.m. July 26 – 29 and Dinner 3:00 – 8:00 p.m. July 24 – 29.


Scenes of mop-up and containment guard montioring activity at wildfires west and south of Vanderhoof. Photos submitted

Scenes of mop-up and containment guard montioring activity at wildfires west and south of Vanderhoof. Photos submitted