Graduates of the CNC Targeted Initiative for Older Workers. From left to right. Mark William, Sanford Quaw, Diane William, Kim Paradis, Diane Klassen, Janice Volts, Anna Prestmo, Debbie Smedley, Cindy Anderson, Cindy LaFontaine.

Graduation season begins

Grads are students of all ages - not just youths!

On Fri May 26 at College of New Caledonia (CNC), Nechako there was a celebration for ten students graduating from the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers program. All ten students are now officially retooled, highly marjetable and seeking employment!

The Targeted Initiative for Older Workers, offered at the CNC campus in Vanderhoof, is a project funded by both the Governments of Canada and the Province of British Columbia for individuals between the ages of 50 and 64.

This project is designed to provide them with the skills, confidence and experience to secure employment. Components of this twelve week project included Computer Literacy, Introduction to Warehousing and Management Skills for Supervisors.

– files from Debra Montgomery, CNC Nechako Continuing Education