Museum curator looking forward, looking back

Vanderhoof community museum update from our new curator

Contributed by

Sasha Striegler Iannone

It seems that the warmth of late spring has graced us with its presence once again.

Tree blossoms are emitting their fragrance. The wind has metamorphosed from a wintery, sharp gust into a gentle, refreshing zephyr.

And with the settling in of spring warmth, heralding the near arrival of summer, the Vanderhoof Community Museum welcome its 36th season!

We are thrilled to be here, and excited to pool together our skills, resources, and enthusiasm to provide you with a memorable experience at the Vanderhoof Community Museum.

Here are some changes that have taken place since last summer…

The Visitor Information Centre and Gift Shop were previously found in the Smithers House, but have now been relocated to the Board of Trade. Come view arts and crafts by local artists or peruse our selection of guidebooks and pamphlets, or just stop in to see us! We love to chat whether you’re a local who’s been here many times or an out-of-town tourist passing through.

After being closed last season, we’re happy to announce that The O.K. Café is up and running once again! Jim &Marilou Nightingale have undertaken the daunting and exciting challenge of getting the café back in working order for the summer. The café’s kitchen is currently undergoing renovation, but they’re still serving homemade pies, trifles, and other treats, and sandwiches, wraps, and salads.

They are looking forward to the kitchen being completely renovated later this season, when they will be offering homemade soups and other tasty luncheon items for visitors’ enjoyment. Be sure to also try some of their home ground and roasted coffee! As the café was originally built and run by Tim Chow and George Chuey in 1920, this year will mark the building’s 97th birthday.

Wednesday, June 21st, is National Aboriginal Day! Our museum staff are looking in to some exciting event possibilities to celebrate this day and share local First Nations history.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and Instagram profile (@vcm_1926) for more information to come!