What ever happened to…

Local reader looking for police and court updates in newspaper


Dear Editor,

What has happened to the Police Update and Court Reports in the Omineca Express? I sure miss those.

Also there was always a few tidbits about Vanderhoof. Like what the Library is doing, the college etc.

Gladys Wall


From the Editor:

Hi Gladys, how are you? Thank you for your letter and interest in the Police Updates and Court Reports. It’s election season madness so there is so much BC government press releases, funding announcements and grant opportunities lots we need to fit in our little weekly paper.

Also, with Vivian gone off to Mongolia recently I’m still learning the ropes. In addition Vanderhoof RCMP are short-staffed and I’ve been trying to find time in Corporal Harvey’s busy schedule. Cpl Harvey is filling in for Sergeant Svend Nielsen who was meeting previously with Vivian. Court Reports are time-consuming to put together but, absolutely yes, I hope to soon again include the content you’re missing.

Sincerely, Fiona