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Bantam Bears Tops in 100 Mile

The Vanderhoof Cycle North Bantam Bears travelled to 100 Mile House and capped off a successful weekend with a 5-0 win over Williams Lake.

Stockwell Day

Stockwell Day to industry: work harder to get your story out

Stockwell Day, former minister responsible for international trade, issued several challenges

Stockwell Day

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Fraser Lake court report

Files appearing in the Fraser Lake law court on November 7, 2011.

Vanderhoof RCMP news

Files reported to the Vanderhoof RCMP between October 28 - November 4, 2011.

Greer Creek recreation site closed

The Greer Creek recreation site is closed until further notice while a new footbridge is built.

Mountain bike turned in to RCMP

A woman’s mountain bike was turned into the Vanderhoof RCMP on October 12.

Vanderhoof Court report

iles appearing at the Vanderhoof law courts on September 19, 2011.

ABC expands into town

ABC Communications has expanded into Vanderhoof through the acquisition of long time local ISP Hwy 16 Internet.

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Black Press buys Cranbrook, Kimberley dailies

Black Press, British Columbia's largest publisher of community newspapers and websites, has announced the purchase of the Cranbrook Daily Townsman and the Kimberley Daily Bulletin from Don Kendall.

Betty Fox

Betty Fox is ‘seriously ill’

Betty Fox, mother of the late Terry Fox, the Canadian hero from Port Coquitlam, is seriously ill, according to a statement posted today on the Terry Fox Foundation website.

Betty Fox

Court report

Files appearing in the Vanderhoof law courts on May 16.

VanderhoofRCMP news

Files reported to the Vanderhoof RCMP detachement between May 6 to 13.

RCMP seek help over theft

The Vanderhoof Crimestoppers and the local RCMP are requesting the publics assistance in obtaining any information pertaining to a theft at a local business on McNolty Road.

Ultra marathon between Vanderhoof and Fort St. James

May 8 will be the 32nd relay run between Fort St. James and Vanderhoof, and there’s an added twist.

Tahltan could reap millions from power line

The Tahltan could end up lending BC Hydro money to build the Northwest Transmission Line should they approve a wide ranging package of cash and benefits in a referendum now underway.

Treaties getting closer in region

The Kitselas and Kitsumkalum First Nations are expecting to see a finished…

Earth Hour lights stayed on in Omineca region

The lights dimmed, but apparently not in Vanderhoof or Fort St. James.

Mackenzie connector closed for spring 2011

The Fort St. James-Mackenzie Connector (Philip Forest Service Road) will be closed to all traffic during spring 2011.