Margaret Hall

HST good news for BC farmers

HST is good for agriculture.

Elk problem a growing concern to ranchers

Continuing with my previous article of problem wildlife I have come across some more information relating to the growing elk herd population and the continuing damaging affect on agriculture in their path.

Who is buying Canadian farmland?

Traditionally Canadian agriculture land has been owned by families making a living off the land by growing food.

Grain versus grass

Agriculture can be divided into two separate entities; one is growing commodity crops such as corn, wheat, soybeans, vegetables or fruit for human consumption; the other is growing grass.

The new landscape

My last article covered the phenomenal story of corn and how it has revolutionized agriculture. As I pointed out last time, corn is not the dominant crop in Canada, especially here in the West, as it is in the US but there are many similarities in the history of agriculture in Canada. Also as a large proportion of our food comes from the US, what happens there affects us also.

The history of corn

Recently I read a book called the Omnivores Dilemma written by Michael Pollen (thanks Janice). It was written a few years ago and although written from the American food system perspective it indirectly relates as much to Canada as it does to the United States.