Aspiring writers unite

A writing workshop is coming to Vanderhoof as well as a chance to listen to a selection of mostly local authors.

The Vanderhoof Public Library will be holding a free creative writing workshop as well as a reading from five local authors on September 14.

The workshop will feature writers from the Scroll Press book Selected Stories From Scroll in Space: 2003 – 2013.

The reading from the will be from mainly science fiction stories but with a few thematic exceptions, it will run from 10 a.m. to noon.

The authors scheduled to read are Doris Ray from Fraser Lake; Han Li, Erin Wilson and Rob Ziegler from Prince George and Lynda Williams from Burnaby. Each author comes from a unique background which lends to the variety of stories which will be presented.

Doris Ray came up with the idea to hold the event because she had heard of the other authors and wanted to see if they could get together for an event.

“Because it’s fun,” said Ray when asked why she wanted to organize this. “Because I can…Over the years a few of us have submitted stories and some get published and some don’t.”

Ray was calling around and talking to other authors who had published with Scroll Press and found that there was a bit of interest in having a workshop in Vanderhoof.

Han Li, a psych professor at UNBC, is one of the authors attending the workshop, she will be reading the first chapter from her story The Water Lily Pond, a socio-psychological novel published in 2004.

“My book is about my childhood in China during the revolution,” said Li. “It is about my early life in China and the harsh reality for people in the countryside living through brainwash and how they managed to survive a great famine.”

Her book chronicles her own personal story amid the backdrop of the cultural revolution in China. She said she believes those events left psychological scars on the people and for her, it helps to write down personal memories.

After the reading, the workshop will begin at 1 p.m. and run for two hours. The workshop is for writers who are already working on a fiction project such as a novel, play, screenplay or short story. Participants should bring an excerpt of their current project that they want to workshop.