Beliefs stand firm against bullying: Vanderhoof students

Beliefs stand firm against bullying: Vanderhoof students

As Pink Shirt Day

As Pink Shirt Day

As Pink Shirt Day, the annual Canada-wide event for anti-bullying awareness, approaches next Wednesday, some of Vanderhoof’s students from W. L. McLeod Elementary expresses their ideas on bullying.

While some saw or experienced little bullying in school, others have observed incidents between classes.

“There was a girl very perky, and another girl didn’t like that,” recalled Kora Manwaring, Grade 5. “They kept yelling at her.”

Sophia Anderson, Grade 4, has also seen bullying before. “There was a really tiny kid, and another kept pushing him around,” she said.

On Feb. 24 at 12:30 p.m., over 800 Vanderhoof kids, decked in pink, will rock Burrard Avenue in downtown Vanderhoof to dance against bullying. The community is invited to join by dressing in pink and lining Burrard Ave, in support of anti-bullying.

Based on the song “Believe” from popular Canadian singer Shawn Mendes, this year’s campaign in Vanderhoof also includes pink posters, to be displayed on storefronts, for all of the community to contribute their ideas on their beliefs.

“As we chat in class, it’s not about what’s real or not, rainbows and unicorns, but more about what we believe to make this world a better place,” said principal Libby Hart.



(Front) Charlee McIntyre, Grade 6

“I believe in the love of horses; I’ve always liked them since I was little. I have three horses; 18, 26, and two and a half years old.

I believe in never giving up, because someone has dreams, but they give up and never accomplish it in the future.”


(From left to right)

Sophia Anderson, Grade 4

“I believe in love; I think nobody should be alone. I believe in world peace.”


Siobhan Klassen, Grade 6

“I believe in living every day as if it was your last; it’s a quote I heard from my dad.

You don’t want to be sad on your last day, you should be happy. It makes you enter into a new universe.”


Sarah Mushumanski, Grade 6

“I believe in choosing what you believe in. I’m Christian; I think it’s okay in believing what you want to, and nobody should stop you.

I believe in the power of books. I really like books; they help you learn. Sometimes it feels like you’re really in the book.”


Kora Manwaring, Grade 5

“I believe in believing. I want to have imagination and believe in Santa.”


Jesse Kilpatrick, Grade 5

“I believe in my dreams.”