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Cadets Excel at 30th Annual Cadet Review

The 899 Vanderhoof Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron review was a great success with many dignitaries looking on in approval.
Commander Stan Bates

The local air cadet squadron held their 30th annual ceremonial review on Wednesday, May 29.

The cadets were reviewed by the officer in charge of all cadets in B.C. Commander Bates, Glenda Wasylenko of the Air Cadet League of Canada, their commanding officer Captain John Callaghan and Mary-Lou Hascarl the 899 sponsoring chair.

"The [cadet] program offers something to everyone no matter what their interest," said Hascarl to the assembled cadets. "Remember that you are successful because of the skills and determination that you learned from this program."

Awards were given out to members of the 899 Vanderhoof Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron in recognition of their many accomplishments, including the Legion Medal of Excellence. This was awarded to Sgt. Michael Ray.

Recognition was also given to the family of the late Officer Cadet Leanne Burchill who was tragically killed in a car crash last March.