Fashion show sends kids to Disney

California Dreamin' is a huge part of why Vanderhoof theater kids go on a trip each year

(Front) Chelsea Penner

(Front) Chelsea Penner

With summer quickly approaching people everywhere are getting into the shopping spirit.

Especially Vanderhoof women as showcased at the California Dreamin’ A Night Of Fashion fashion show Friday, March 7.

“Woooot,” screamed the crowd as the models marched out.

Each year Richard Wruth, director of Vanderhoof Children’s Theatre and owner of California Dreamin’, hosts a fashion show for his store with all proceeds helping to fund a trip for the theatre kids. Last year they went to Disney Land’s Universal Studios and Sea World. This year their doing Knotts Berry and Six Flags.

“Last year was one of the best trips I’ve gone on and most people can’t say that when your with 40 other people but we went there to learn and have fun. It was great,” Wruth said. “And this year were doing more workshops for acting, dance and a performance lab. It will basically help each individual actor be the best they can be but also teaches them how to be part of a group on stage.”

Wruth has put on more than 15 fashion shows over the years, having done six in the last three.

“The show we did at Christmas and this one have been two of the best shows we’ve had. We brought in wine for the women’s night and it was a very good show,” he said.

This year’s play has 28 kids with 24 of them booked for Disney Land in July. In a normal year there are about 60 kids in theatre, but this year I just didn’t have time to run the second play, Richard said.

All the clothes in the fashion show are taken directly from Wruth’s store, California Dreamin’.