Feb. 1 Community Briefs: Vanderhoof Slow Pitch Jamboree

...senior facility directory updated, credit union tax phase-out suspended

Slow pitch jamboree

The 2nd Annual Slow Pitch Jamboree takes place on Feb. 18 from 1 to 4 p.m in Nechako Valley Secondary’s gym.

Youth, families and other community members are invited to learn about the sport and meet the coaches at the event.


Directory for senior facilities updated

An updated version of the British Columbia Residential Care Facilities Quick Facts Directory is now available at www.seniorsadvocatebc.ca

The annual publication on 292 publicly funded licensed care facilities in B.C. provides information including age of facility, rooms, services, direct care hours, complain contact, and number of reportable incidents like disease outbreaks.


Credit unions tax status to be extended

B.C. credit unions will keep their preferential tax advantage a little longer as the provincial government intends to pause for one year the phase-out of the tax advantage credit unions have enjoyed.

Subject to the approval of the legislative assembly, the change will be introduced Feb. 21 as part of Balanced Budget 2017, Finance Minister Michael de Jong announced on Jan. 24.

The phase-out is paused until the current review of the Financial Institutions Act and Credit Union Incorporation Act is complete. The tax level remains at the 2016 level, 80 per cent of its full value, until the end of 2017.

Credit unions are the only class of financial institution with this tax level. After the federal government announced in 2013 it would phase out this advantage for credit unions to improve the fairness and neutrality of the corporate income tax system, B.C. announced it would phase out the provincial component over five years, beginning Jan. 1, 2016.