Four Rivers Co-op makes a donation to School District 91 for its nutrition program. Contributed photo

Four Rivers Co-op makes a donation to School District 91 for its nutrition program. Contributed photo

Four Rivers Co-op introduces fundraising program in partnership with SD91

Bags for Kids Nutrition aims to raise money for food programs at local schools

Four Rivers Co-op and School District 91 are banding together to help ensure that all students have access to nutritious foods.

In a new program, Bags for Kids Nutrition, developed by Four Rivers Co-op, purchases made at their Food Store Vanderhoof will add to a growing donation to support food programs in Vanderhoof schools. For every reusable bag that members use, Four Rivers Co-op will donate three cents to this new fund. Four Rivers Co-op will also have specifically designed reusable bags to promote this new program for members to purchase, with net proceeds also going to the new fund.

Proper nutrition has been proven to help support children’s learning and help them develop and grow. Without it, children struggle academically, socially, and physically. As a community-minded organization, Four Rivers Co-op says it saw a way to provide additional support to Vanderhoof schools to ensure that nutritious foods are available for all children in need. They will work closely with School District 91 administration to ensure the funds are allocated so that they will have the most impact.

“We are committed to supporting our communities,” said Allan Bieganski, general manager of Four Rivers Co-op.

“We are working closely with School District 91 to provide support of the various programs in our schools that provide nutritious foods to the students that need it. And by providing our customers the opportunity to choose a reusable bag, as opposed to a plastic one, we are working toward reducing plastic waste in our landfills. It’s a win-win!”

School District 91 assistant superintendent Mike Skinner commented: “The district is excited that Four River Co-op is launching this initiative that will provide additional funding for our nutrition programs at our Vanderhoof area schools and will reduce waste in our landfills.

We value this partnership with a community orientated company like Co-op and all money raised through this initiative will go directly to the students in our breakfast, snack and lunch programs.”

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