From hypothesis to conclusion: Vanderhoof science fair week

From hypothesis to conclusion: Vanderhoof science fair week

Fourteen science fair projects were presented by W. L. McLeod Elementary’s students on Feb. 9, while 56 students presented 29 projects at Sinkut View Elementary on Feb. 12.

Seventeen participants presented 15 projects at Mapes Elementary school’s science fair on Feb. 11.

At W. L. McLeod, the projects, based on experiments or research, are voluntary,  with all work independently done by students at home.

“I’m impressed at the level and variety of the projects,” said W. L. McLeod teacher organizer Susie Blattner.

For Sinkut View Elementary, it’s the school’s second year participating in science fair, with students starting in Grade 3 as well this year.

Starting with the scientific method, independent and dependent variables are introduced to Grade 5 and 6 students, with an emphasis on measurement and background research, said Sinkut View principal Wade Fitzpatrick.

“Compared with last year, they’re presenting things in a better way, more graphs and making sure it flows, so the judge can see your thinking process.” Fitzpatrick said. “It gets students and families more involved, though we try to get most of the experiment at school.”

Mapes students did well with oral presentations and presentation boards, said teacher organizer Jim Holtz.

“Some students took a long time for experiments to play out, starting in November,” Holtz said.


Mapes Elementary Science Fair results:

Gold Awards: Hannah Klassen (Grade 6), Ayva Lewis (Grade 5), Mackenzie Martens (Grade 4)

Silver Awards: Corbet Kelemen (Grade 6), Kyla Hindmarch (Grade 6), Tanner Rempel (Grade 5), Janelle Hindmarch (Grade 5), Evan Warkentin (Grade 5)

Bronze Awards: Mara Walther (Grade 6), Reuben McLain (Grade 6), Jorden Keyowski (Grade 6), Ethan Poole (Grade 6), Margaret Poole (Grade 5), Kaylee Bell (Grade 5), Rayen Rempel (Grade 5). Travis Wheeler (Grade 5), McKenna Redcrow (Grade 5), Andrea McLain (Grade 4)

The Gold and Silver Awards go on to compete in our District Science Fair in Burns Lake on Feb. 17, and selected participants from there moved on to Prince George for the regional science fair in the following week.