Illuminate the North

the 2015 winter games torch comes to Vanderhoof on Dec. 10

2015 winter games mascott

2015 winter games mascott

Get ready Vanderhoof, it will be another 26 years before the Olympic Winter Games returns to British Columbia.

To kickoff the coming of the 2015 Canada Winter Games, the Roly McLenahan Torch made it’s way to Vanderhoof Dec. 10 for an Illuminate The North event.

With it brought fun and excitement for the upcoming winter games, a free skate at the Vanderhoof arena and a lasting legacy through Northern Health’s IMAGINE grant funding. The torch also made its way to Fraser Lake visiting Fraser Lake Elementary Secondary and Mouse Mountain School.

Gerry Thiessen, mayor of Vanderhoof, showed his excitement for the games by lacing up and skating with the kids.

“[The Winter Games] are a great opportunity for young people to see some incredible sports at a high level and give them future ambition to excel at sports of all kinds. [This Illumination event] brings attention to what is coming as a once in a life time opportunity to see this high calibre of sports, and wide variety of sports. Not everyone likes hockey or figure skating so, it’s all very exciting,” Mr. Thiessen said.

The torch was lit on Oct. 16 in Ottawa and has since traveled across Canada to ignite interest for the upcoming 2015 Winter Games which will be the largest multi-sport and cultural event to ever be held in Prince George and northern British Columbia. It is forecasted to generate an economic impact of over $90 million dollars with athletes young as twelve-years-old from 10 provinces and three territories competing in 19 sports.

The winter games mascott was there giving out high fives to all the kids.