SD 91 students win awards at regional science fair

Nechako Lakes win Science Fair Awards! 2017 Divisional Results

Brecken Fawcett

Brecken Fawcett


Congratulations to SD 91 students competing in the Central Interior Science Fair in Prince George on Saturday April 1, 2017.

Nechako Lakes won 13 Divisional Awards!

2 Bronze, 6 Silver, 2 Gold, 3 Special Awards


Alexander Zayac,Francois Lake

Shock Talk

“I wanted to find out what material generates and holds the most static electricity so I could know what types of materials to keep away from electronic devices because static electricity is harmful to them.”

GOLD …AND…Best in Category,

Health Sciences Award:

Brecken Fawcett,W.L. McLeod

Colour My World

“This project presents the hypothesis that one person sees colour differently than another person, discovering that there is such a thing as colour blindness or colour deficiency. Using two experiments, First, I had non-colour blind volunteers colour a paint-by-number with coloured glasses. Second, I had colour blind volunteers copy the colours of a picture; both of these experiments showed different results. In conclusion, people do see colour differently than each other.”

GOLD …AND… UNBC Active Minds Award:

Jemma Blattner,W.L. McLeod

The Secret of the Perfect Loaf

“The purpose of this project was to develop the perfect bread recipe using water, flour, salt and yeast. I hypothesized that by adding different flours, a longer rise time and cooking the bread with a lid on will make for the best, most flavourful bread. The project experiment involved research and out of that research, making recipes and testing those recipes. I found that less yeast, longer rise time, lid on while cooking was best.”

SILVER …AND…Genome BC Award:

Haley Dell,Decker Lake

DNA Challenge

“I wanted to find out which sample would have the most DNA; strawberry, kiwi, banana or Fred’s saliva. My hypothesis is that Fred’s saliva sample will have more DNA strands. I found that the strawberry and kiwi samples had more DNA, the strawberry precipitated out faster than the other fruits. The banana didn’t work well and Fred’s saliva had no DNA present. I conclude that the strawberry and kiwi samples had the most DNA.”


Ian Cross, Reuben Daniel, W.L. McLeod

Wind Chills

“Our results were that the temperature will change a little because of wind chill.”

Gemma Elliott,Francois Lake

Save pHace

“My project was to find out what the best skin cleanser was, by testing the pH level of different cleansers, in comparison to the skin’s ideal pH level of 5.5, using the following four cleansers, Cetaphil, Olay, Noxzema, and Aveeno.”


Finn Elliott, Francois Lake

Quake Proof

“My project uses LEGO towers on a shaker-table to figure out how height affects stability during an earthquake.”

Rachel Brooks, Evelyn Dickson

Does Glue Make Wood Stronger?

“Does glue make wood stronger? In testing glued clear natural pine strips to clear natural pine on its own, I found that the solid board supported more weight but the glued boards were more flexible and bent more before breaking.”

Hannah Zayac, Francois Lake

Focusing With Fidgets

This research project investigated whether or not fidgeting helps people focus. This was done with memory tests that were made up of words. Each participant got one minute while using a fidget to remember as many words as they could.”

Jordan Illes, Amund (Ami) Moore, Francois Lake

Don’t Judge A Bandage By Its Box

Everyone uses bandages and we thought we needed to know which bandages work and if what the bandage brands say is actually true. Our project tested the water resistance and adhesive power of six different types of bandages. We gathered our materials and conducted an experiment to test our idea.

Tate Cooke & Gabe Finch, Decker Lake

Water Over the Bridge

“We tested our 3 bridge designs, by putting 2 wooden blocks under the bridge and placing a plastic container on top. We slowly poured water into the container until the bridge broke. We then weighed the amount of water. Out of the 3 bridge designs we found the fink truss held the most and the pratt truss held the least. The fink truss weighed the least and held a 100X it’s weight.”

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