Times gone by

A look at the past taken from the Nechako Chronicle March 1964 and 1984

Looking back to March, 1964

The village of Vanderhoof will now have its own grader for road maintenance.

The decision to buy this piece of equipment was made at the regular meeting of the commissioners Monday evening following a recommendation by village chairman Arnold Smedley and the foreman of works Slim Graham who made a trip to Dawson Creek over the past weekend to view and test the grader.

The trip to Dawson Creek was something of an adventure. The village representatives had to contend with the mammoth slides in Pine Pass during that period, and the weather there even excelled ours at being unseasonable when it is 30 below with a 40 mile an hour wind.

Looking back to March, 1984


Stever Woodruff had visions of climbing Radio CIVH’s tall, tall radio tower when it was reported that the light on top had fizzled out. Paling visibly, he was heard to mutter “Oh, no, not ME…no way!” He was reprieved when it was learned that there were two lights, and that one of them is still in operation. The other will be replaced by the regular crew, using a derrick. Understand these fellows jump from the derrick to the tower while the power in ON, so a certain amount of finesse and agility is required, as well as courage for this is a high voltage area.