Vanderhoof Skatepark update

One determined mother will stop at nothing to get her son a skatepark



Skateboard and BMX enthusiasts met at the District of Vanderhoof (DOV) Wednesday, March 25 to discuss the next steps in bringing a skate park to Vanderhoof.

Orlanthia Habsburg has thus far led the group of skaters as a passionate mother who said she will not stop until it’s done.

“I’m on a mission to make a skate park happen before the pool, I just need a few more people to help me. People are always coming to me with ideas but I need people to take individual roles,” she said.

A skateboard park society is now in the midst with help from the DOV who has agreed to partner with the group. Habsburg is currently looking for people to fill the roles of society chair, secretary treasurer, designer, fundraiser, community support person and youth representatives.

Skatepark DOV liaisons Steve Little and Ken Young both said council supports the idea but wants to make sure the kids have a say in the design.

Habsburg brought up at the meeting that Fraser Lake never had a say in the park and that the Village paid for the person to design and build it.

Councillor Young suggested projects that work the best have input from the community. Although the DOV would hire a professional designer, it’s essential to have youth and community members be part of the design, Young said.

“And once you have the designer picked and size you need, then you have [the society] run the meeting and bring all the suggestions,” councillor Little said.

The DOV plans to work with Habsburg and anyone else interested to see that funding is acquired for a designer and an official society be established.

Michael Arnett is a business owner and parent present at the meeting and said he would really like to see a skatepark be built.

“I see so many skateboarders and bikers at lunch with police saying ‘you can’t bike there’, well, where can they bike,” he said.

The DOV will meet again with Habsburg next month. Anyone with suggestions or interested in filling a role can contact Orlanthia Habsburg at or visit Vanderhoof Skate and BMX Park Facebook page.

“Now is the time people need to step up and get involved,” Young said. “Steve and I both want to see this happen. We have momentum right now, there’s lots going on with the pool but I believe this can sneak in.”