Vanderhoof water walk to quench thirst in schools abroad

Students and families on April 21 walked around Vanderhoof’s running track to raise funds for schools and families in rural India.

Students and families from Nechako Valley Secondary, Evelyn Dickson Elementary, and W. L. McLeod Elementary on April 21 walked around Vanderhoof’s running tracks, lugging water jugs, for as many laps as they can to raise funds towards water cooling tanks and goats for schools and families in rural India.

Participants are stopped at various points on the track to draw cards, which may involve penalties such as feigning a sprained ankle or doing jumping jacks, to emulate the hardships that some developing communities in the world face in gathering basic resources such as water for daily needs.



Submitted by Anna Pye,

Nechako Valley Secondary


The water walk was amazing! We had a wonderful turnout and were reminded of the precious gift of water. This is the second annual water walk and it is the second time it rained! When we were in Kenya, we attended a ground breaking ceremony for a new school to be built in a rural community. As it rained, we felt annoyed but soon our attention was on the outbreak of singing and the joyous shouts and laughter from the residents. It is a sign on luck, it is a privilege and a reminder of how blessed we are. Thanks to all community members, CNC, The School District, Integris Credit Union, YMCA, EDS, NVSS, WL McLEOD and the we day students ENVIRO-VIKES and STUDENT COUNCIL for the amazing support and passion for this event. Thanks to the teachers who came with their students and helped clean up! We had a passionate speaker: Sobha Sharma. She reminded us to take INNER ACTION!


Inner action in three ways:

RESPECT: value our water sources and use as much as we need and not to buy more than we need.

CONSERVE: Save water. Simple things like brushing teeth with out running water. Take scattered showers (soap up, turn off the flow and back on to rinse) This could save thousands of litre of water in Vanderhoof alone!

PROTECT: Protect water way with less waste. Make sure you think before you throw anything away as all garbage goes back into the water!