Vanderhoof’s 90th birthday celebrations fire off

Vanderhoof’s 90th birthday celebrations fire off over the weekend

Families and friends gathered at Riverside Park for Vanderhoof’s 90th birthday celebration kickoff on Jan. 23.

The weekend of celebration began on Jan. 22 with a chorus of “Happy Birthday” from elementary school students in celebratory toques, followed by birthday cupcakes, at Vanderhoof’s arena.

The midday event was also attended by Vanderhoof’s older citizens, as they learned and relived the history of Vanderhoof through a display of photographs at the arena contributed by the Nechako Valley Historical Society.

On Jan. 23 before a show of fireworks in the evening, families gathered for the birthday celebration — with sleigh rides, hot dogs, and bonfire — at Riverside Park, including speeches from Mayor Gerry Thiessen, MP Todd Doherty, and Jerry Petersen from the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako.