Volunteer school trip to India: a life-changing experience

NVSS students and staff travelled to Delhi, India on a volunteer trip that was full of adventure, colour and contrasts.

Submitted by Anna Pye,

Nechako Valley Secondary


NVSS students and staff travelled to Delhi, India on a volunteer trip that was full of adventure, colour and contrasts.

They participated in numerous volunteer activities including making rotti bread at a community center and playing with children at Mother Theresa’s mission.

Students danced, shared ideas and painted new chalkboards and walls in a tiny school in Ranthambore and planted trees at a rural hospital.  We visited a wonderfully organized school for differently abled learners and spent time reading and enjoying the company and looking at the skill building activities.

The chaos of the traffic was felt as they ventured on rickshaw rides through Old Delhi. Henna tattoos, Yoga, Safari adventures, poolside lounging and riding elephants were all part of the adventure but one of the favourite stops was at the Elephant village where they fed elephants sugar cane and painted bright and  beautiful designs on them. There were a few cultural evenings with puppet shows, fire dancing and of course snake charmers. Many monuments, palaces and mosques  were visited such as:  Palace of Jodha Bai, Red Fort, Magic Show, Palace of the winds, Humayun`s Tomb and the most spectacular Taj Mahal.

They followed duff duff buses with blaring music and witnessed the long lines of travellers on a pilgrimage.

They are blessed. India has shared with them a lovely secret and a charm that will be with them forever. The calm amongst the storm and beauty within struggle; these contradictions and beautiful awakenings will not be forgotten.  Staff and students  would like to thanks all sponsors, people who attended the Taste of India, Mandalas and Martinis and to all those who participated in any of the year-long fundraising that we were part of. This trip has changed many lives! Namaste