Will-you-be-mine secret valentine

Kids at W.L. McLeod are making secret valentines for their secret valentine classes

W.L. McLeod students Kierra 5

W.L. McLeod students Kierra 5

Kids at McLeod Elementary are shown to be kind by means of secret valentine.

The McLeod council came up with the idea to have secret valentine classes. Each class drew a name of another class and for the first two weeks of February have been doing secret acts of kindness for their secret Valentine class.

Some acts include tidying up the other classes boot room or making them a craft. One class even made soap for their valentine class, said Libby Hart, McLeod Principal.

“The idea behind it is to be nice just because,” Ms. Hart said. ”To do as many kind things for your secret class as you can within the two weeks.”

Mme. Gauthier’s kindergarten students came in to find their secret valentine’s had made special card people for them with a nice message written for each student. Some had sayings such as, ‘you are cool’ or ‘your my friend’.

“It’s great for the kids because they get really excited to do things for the other kids. It’s even a great preliminary for anti-bullying Pink Shirt Day [on Feb. 25],” Mme. Gauthier said.