Festival of the Performing Arts wraps up

Notable performers showcased their entries at the Spring Arts Gala on March 20.

Emceed by Valerie Pagdin with jokes such as, “This machine is Baroque, call Bach later,” and “Make sure you C sharp, so you won’t B flat,” awards were presented to notable performers at the Spring Arts Gala on March 20, as well as the Cynthia Davies Award to Delee Anderson for her contribution to the enrichment of the musical community.



Best Overall award: Charis Schlamp

Adjudicators Choice Award, Junior, under RCM grade 4: Sarah Thiessen

Adjudicators Choice Award, Intermediate, RCM grades 5-8: Matthew Ebert

Intermediate Provincial Competitor: Kaia Andal

Junior Provincial Observer, Wendy Schultz

Intermediate Provincial Observer, Charis Schlamp

Intermediate Provincial Observer, Matthew Ebert

HONOURS: 80-84%

Sophia Harvey, Emily Beukert, Macy James-Schneider, Bailey Vahi, Susan Harmon, Theo Clarke, Savannah Morris, Abigail Yoder & Maria Schmidt (duet), Kiya Giesbrecht & Emma Wiebe (duet)


Abigail Yoder, Connor Ebert, Minna Jones, Madisyn McKinlay, Lucas Lenartowicz, Callie Bray, Alaura Brooks, Charis Schlamp, Andre Roberge, Annika Pelzer, Hadassah Thiessen, Rachel Lamprecht, Julian Lamprecht, Olive Roberge, Erica Byers, Miranda Giesbrecht, Jeremy Pagdin, Kiya Giesbrecht, Bridian James-Schneider, Eric Anderson, Bryce Giesbrecht, Anessa Penner, Amanda Beukert, Simon Wiebe, Parick Vahi, Derek Penner, Nyah Duncan, Capri James-Schneider, Milo Walker, Anya Dhillon


Matthew Ebert, Wendy Schultz, Matthew Lenartowicz, Penelope Roberge, Sarah Thiesen, Kaia Andal, Regan Daniel, Rueben Daniel



Best Overall Concert Group: Kaia Andal

Adjudicators Choice Jr : Clara Gill

Adjudicators Choice Intermediate:  Timothy Teichroeb

Adjudicators Choice Sr:  Kaia Andal

Provincial Recommendation Intermediate:  Kaia Andal

The Orchestra North Scholarships:

1/2 Scholarship Graham Yoder

1/2 Scholarship Clara Yoder


Speech Arts

Best Overall Speech Arts Group Award is given to Mr. Gray’s Grade Four Class, Evelyn Dickson School.

Adjudicator’s Choice Speech Arts Award, Junior, is given to Sarah Thiessen.

Adjudicator’s Choice Speech Arts Award, Intermediate, is given to Emma Wiebe.

Provincials recommendation, Junior Speech Arts, was awarded to Breanna Challen of Prince George.  Observer, Melissa Clemson, of Prince George.

Provincials recommendation, Open Shakespeare Duo, was awarded to Josh Reurink and Molly Fandrey, of Prince George.

Additional provincials observers:  Molly Fandrey and Sarah Thiessen, from Vanderhoof.