Local band Rosewood's Diary performed at the Grand Reo Theatre on August 28 to celebrate the release of their new album 'Please Take Courage.'

Local band Rosewood's Diary performed at the Grand Reo Theatre on August 28 to celebrate the release of their new album 'Please Take Courage.'

Vanderhoof band release second album

After a year and a half of hard work, local band Rosewood's Diary have finally released their second album 'Please Take Courage.'

After a year and a half of hard work, local band Rosewood’s Diary have finally released their second album ‘Please Take Courage.’

The release was celebrated with a concert at the Grand Reo Theatre on August 28 to a packed audience.

The Rusty Bucket Pluckers, another local band, opened up the show before Rosewood’s Diary took the stage and gave the audience a taster of the new CD.

Those who attended also got to preview the first showing of the bands new music video to ‘Red Kite.’

Entrance was by donation to the Madison Scott Search Fund. The event raised over $1,400.

Guitarist and lead vocalist Greg Ventin took the time to answer a few questions about the new CD, music video and plans for the future …

How long has the latest album taken you to get together?

Just over a year and a half. (thought we would have it out in 9 months. WAY OFF!) we just kept adding tracks and loving it but it all caught up to us in the editing processes.

How is it different from your first album?

Our first project “Tales of Hope and Crescendos” was a very soothing, coffee house friendly ordeal.

This new album “Please Take Courage” is definitely a step into the folk/rock genre.

Tell me a bit about the album – some of the songs and their meanings etc…

Musically the songs are more upbeat and full of new acoustic instrumentation then our previous work.

Lyrically, these songs deal with human relationship, its strengths and its follies. Most of the songs bring up questions and feelings that arise within the journey of relationship. While writing, I tried not to focus on just my side of the story but the thoughts and feelings of those around me as well. In penning lyrics its so easy to just “vent” and place blame on the other individuals when things aren’t going our way. We all avoid inner reflection to some extent but this time I forced myself to adjust my writing and I think I pulled it off on a couple songs.

What has been the process with getting it together? How many tracks? Did you write all the songs?

Writing has always been a bit of mystery to me. I seem to almost strictly rely on inspiration. And I think Katie Scheffers and I both write with this mindset. If its not working out, we don’t force it. But when it is there, get out the pen or ipod as quick as possible.

We also found out through this process, we write better on our own, but work very well together when it comes to arrangement and performing. We co-wrote the last song though (‘Corners of the Sidewalk’) so that was cool.

Where was it recorded/produced etc…?

Most of the album was recorded and produced in my home studio with the band, but the final mastering and touch-ups were done by Charles Carvalho in Toronto. His studio has worked on large Canadian acts such as Blue Rodeo, Alexisonfire, and Great Lake Swimmers. So I was pretty comfortable leaving it in his hands. And he did a fabulous job!

You mentioned you did a ‘stop-motion animation’ done in Wales for your new music video “Red Kite”? Tell me more …

We recently had Gustavo Arteaga do a stop-motion animation for one our new songs- “Red Kite”.  He’s from Wales (in the UK) and in 2009 he won Best British Film award at the London International Animation Festival. I really liked his work and he quickly agreed to help us out with the video. It turns out he was a fan of our music already (its a small world) and he truly poured out his heart into the making of “Red Kite”.  Those who came out to the release received the first preview but the video will be out on Youtube and Vimeo later this month. Watch our Facebook or Myspace and we’ll keep everyone posted.

Who is on this album (which members of your band?)

Band members seem to come and go. Katie Scheffers (vocals, piano, percussion, harmonica, flute, the ukulele and the accordion), is off to school so this year we’ll be performing with Wes Neufeld (bass), Raymond Schlamp (mandolin), Byron Funk (drums), Allan Trampah, (violin), and myself, Greg Ventin (guitar and vocals).

What has the band been up to this summer? Performed many gigs etc?

We haven’t been doing much performing but we’re hoping to change that now. The new album is out and we’re excited to perform and start paying off the debt of our ‘habits’.

Where can people buy the new album?

Locally- the new album will be sold at the Bean and Ventin’s Vitamin House. Internationally- it will be available on iTunes, our online shop, and HMV.

And feel free to check out our new and improved website: www.myspace.com/rosewoodsdiary