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VIDEO: Bryan Adams superfan gets autograph tattooed from Penticton concert

Lori Capozzi was called up on stage by Adams who signed her shoulder with a Sharpie

To say Penticton resident Lori Capozzi is a huge Bryan Adams fan may be an understatement.

She’s seen the Canadian singer in concert more times than she can count but this time when the Canadian superstar was coming to her hometown, she knew she had to make it extra special.

Right away, Capozzi got floor seats but this time she made sure she was in the front row.

She created a sign that read: ‘Bryan I want your autograph to be my next tattoo.’ She held up her sign at the sold-out Sept. 11 concert in Penticton.

Adams noticed and then called her on stage.

“I never, ever expected Bryan to pull me up on stage and autograph my shoulder,” said Capozzi. “I saw him look at the sign a few times. My husband told me, ‘It will never happen,’ and I replied, ‘Let me have fun trying.”’

“So when Bryan started reading my sign, I started panicking saying, ‘Is this really going to happen? I was so nervous I had a hard time making eye contact. But Bryan made that easier as he was making all the eye contact. I have to admit I was a little lost for words.”

Adams used a Sharpie and signed her shoulder.

It was a ‘dream come true,’ said Capozzi who also managed a quick hug with the superstar.

And true to her word, she took that autograph and turned it into a permanent tattoo.

Penticton tattoo artist Corey Hounslow got the job done.

“Thank you Bryan for making this a night I will never forget,” said Capozzi. “Thank you Corey for coming out of retirement to do the tattoo.”

Adams was the second concert she ever saw in 1986 when she was 16 years old.

“You have always been my favourite artist,” she said on her Facebook page.

So what could top this experience?

“The only thing that would ever top this is to see Bryan Adams again in concert, front row and to be able to go on stage again and show him my tattoo, and let him know I stay true to my word,” she said.

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