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Election 2021 Cariboo-Prince Geroge Q&A: Jeremy Gustafson, People’s Party of Canada

We asked the candidates for questions regarding the upcoming election

Jeremy Gustafson is running for the People’s Party of Canada in the Cariboo-Prince George riding. Here are answers to questions posed by Black Press Media.

What is your vision for a pandemic recovery?

My vision of a pandemic recovery starts with ending the assault on our personal freedoms, no forced vaccinations, informed consent only. Get rid of federal vaccine passports for travellers. And stop federal funding for provinces that enforce lockdowns, while making sure the most vulnerable to COVID are protected. COVID is with us forever now and life must go on. And with the undisputed 99.5 per cent recovery rate from COVID, there is no scientific reason why it can’t.

What will you do as a federal government to increase housing affordability for everyone?

Although the PPC does not have a specific housing policy because housing is mainly the jurisdiction of provinces and municipalities-several of our policies will increase affordability. The out-of-control prices start in the cities and spill outward. Forty per cent of new immigrants end up in Toronto or Vancouver, so our plan to reduce immigration will immediately lower housing demand. Eliminating the capital gains tax will encourage sales of rental units. And lowering personal income tax will add disposable income for everyone.

What impact will climate change have on the Cariboo-Prince George riding?

“Climate change” needs to be defined for me to answer. If you’re talking about the natural process of climate change that has gone on since the beginning of time, it will either make this riding colder or warmer. Since the last time I saw a headline saying it was the hottest year on record was in 2017, I’d say we’re getting colder again. The PPC’s environmental plan is to clean up Canada’s air, soil, and water, removing actual pollution. CO2 is not pollution. Plants (and therefore all life on earth) need it to survive. This is basic science.

What concrete efforts should Canada be making toward reconciliation with Indigenous people?

The PPC recognizes the injustices committed by the Canadian government towards Indigenous peoples in the past and we seek the best way to live together harmoniously in the future. We will explore options to replace the paternalistic Indian Act with a new legal framework that guarantees equal rights and responsibilities to Indigenous people as Canadians. The PPC will promote the establishment of individual property rights on reserves. We will ensure that Indigenous communities take more ownership of the services they receive from Ottawa, and the PPC will review federal spending to ensure programs target the communities in most need.

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