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Letter: Increased aggression towards staff at Omineca Medical clinic

Dr. Davy Dhillon writes letter on behalf of the clinic

Dear Community of Vanderhoof,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Omineca Medical Clinic with regards to some of the increased aggression we have noted towards our staff in the last several months.

We need to emphasize in no uncertain terms that any aggressive and abusive behaviour directed towards our staff will not be tolerated. If required, appropriate authorities will be contacted and such actions may result in permanent dismissal as a patient from the clinic.

At the clinic, we understand that these are stressful times for everyone and that we may have differing views on how our government and regulatory bodies are approaching this pandemic, but I ask everyone to understand we are following public health and other official guidelines as we are required to. If you do not agree with this then please feel free to find primary care services elsewhere.

I remind people that our staff are also living through this pandemic with all its’ consequences and that they should not, and will not be on the receiving end of people’s anger.

We will continue to serve you and accommodate you as best we can, but we need to be cognizant of one another. Thank you for your understanding.


Dr. Davy Dhillon on behalf of the Omineca Medical Clinic

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