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LETTER: Seeking a positive solution on public access to Tachick Lake

There has been over 50 years of public access for outdoor users utilizing Tachick Lake Resort


I would like to applaud the efforts of Carrier Sekani Family Services (CSFS) in pursuing land for a treatment center for First Nations. I wish to acknowledge the Saik’uz First Nation where Tachick Lake Resort is located and which has provided years of enjoyment for recreating families.

With the purchase of Tachick Lake Resort by CSFS there has been an instant halt to all public access. I understand the property was under the Agriculture Land Reserve (ALR). There has been over 50 years of public access for outdoor users such as campers, anglers and hunters from all across the region, province and even Washington or Oregon state utilizing Tachick Lake Resort for recreation within the lake and surrounding region.

Now there is zero.

The crux of the issue is not addressing the long standing access afforded to Tachick Lake for over 50 years and ensuring continued access for the public to camp, angle and hunt Tachick Lake.

In the past there was money to build a boat launch but communications by the early lodge owner indicated they would lose customers if a public boat launch was built, so the project was shelved. Tachick Lake Resort then became an extremely popular place for people in the region to recreate, camp and have family reunions, fishing derbies, angling for the lakes renowned trophy rainbow trout, and hunters from all over B.C. for moose, deer and waterfowl hunting opportunities.

I wish to ask, is there a positive solution with CSFS to allowing people access to the boat launch perhaps for the interim and collecting boat launch fees similar to the resort until a solution is found for public access?

Will the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako uphold their motto of “A World of Opportunities within our region” and build a public boat launch and perhaps a campground at Tachick Lake? There was economic benefit to Vanderhoof and region over the years from the resort users.

There is a public easement line which is located at the east side of the Tachick Lake property which can be utilized to access and build a boat launch for the public. The little cove and solid substrate makes this an ideal location to build and is also the cheapest option of all the easements on Tachick Lake.

Wayne Blackburn

Prince George

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