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Letter: When will we start caring for each other again?

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

We are letting down our community. We are close to failing. The anti-mRna vaccine groups have been around since the start of this pandemic. From the start, it has been easier to just ignore them, ignore the smug looks from people in Independent Grocer’s who can’t be bothered to put on a mask. We ignored the fact that businesses are breaking the law by not following the mandates. We ignored the protesters yelling that we are all going to hell for vaccinating ourselves and our children. If you ignore a problem, it gets worse.

We are starting to see it get worse. Not even an hour after the shooting lockdown, people were yelling at teachers for giving children information about vaccines. People yelling at healthcare workers who are doing their best to ensure that we are taken care of. Harassing people at their homes.

When are we going to say enough is enough? The Bylaw Officer, whose job is to ensure the mandates are upheld, appears to have turned a blind eye. Now we have people inciting violence, telling their followers it’s time to go on the offensive. And still we do nothing.

Flyers being sent to our PO boxes, FULL of “facts” meant to instil fear. People are harassing young adults and children, just for doing their jobs or attending school. People publicly calling for firing squads directed at doctors, nurses, local government workers that we have known for years, our friends and neighbours.

The last two years we have been letting them have their soapbox, now look where it has gotten us. I’m done staying silent and ignoring the problem. When are we going to start caring about each other again?

By Jeff Craig,

Vanderhoof, B.C.