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District awards asphalt resurfacing tender to Terus Construction

(District of Vanderhoof)

District of Vanderhoof awarded the contract for asphalt resurfacing to Terus Construction Ltd. at the special council meeting held March 22.

Council’s decision came after evaluation of bids from various contractors including Rock-Tech Paving Ltd. Staff decided to go with an invitational bid from contractors upon the advice of their asphalt rehabilitation project consultant, Urban Systems. Both contractors submitted their bids by March 15.

The pre-budget approval for the Asphalt Resurfacing capital project for 2024 paved the way for the tendering process. With a pre-approved budget of $357,000, which includes engineering, construction, and contingencies, Terus Construction Ltd. emerged as the lowest bidder with a bid of $335,381.34, well within the allocated budget.(Rock-Tech Paving quoted $375,822.72.)

The decision to award the contract to Terus Construction Ltd. was made after careful consideration of various factors, including compliance with purchasing and tendering policies and recommendations from consultants. Notably, Terus Construction Ltd. demonstrated a competitive bid that aligned with project specifications.

As per request of staff, council also authorised Mayor Kevin Moutray and Chief Administrative Officer Mokles Rahman to sign the contract.