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District of Vanderhoof launches comprehensive accessibility plan

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District of Vanderhoof unveiled its accessibility plan aimed at dismantling barriers and fostering equal access for all community members.

The document, published on Feb.12, was developed in collaboration with the Accessibility Committee and Disability Alliance BC resources.

Mayor Kevin Moutray is chairing the committee which also consists of other council members and key stakeholders.

The launch of the accessibility plan, emphasizes the district’s committment to provide equitable access to services and infrastructure within the community.

The plan’s inception acknowledges the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and underscores the District’s unwavering dedication to addressing these concerns.

The initial focus is to conduct thorough reviews of district-owned facilities, infrastructure, and services to highlight barriers hindering equal participation in services.

Central to the plan’s success is the mandate of the Accessibility Committee, established in accordance with the Accessible B.C. Act. The committee, comprising representatives from diverse sectors of the community, is tasked with fostering collaboration, identifying barriers, making policy recommendations, and promoting accessibility initiatives.

The document also highlight’s Vanderhoof’s previous accessibility initiatives. Some of these past endeavors, include the District of Vanderhoof’s designation as an Age-FriendlyBC Community, development of accessible trails, Vanderhoof Tourism and Cultural Centre door operations, accessible washrooms, wheelchair accessible picnic tables at museum site etc.

The District is also inviting community members to actively engage in shaping the future of accessibility within the community. Feedback can be submitted via the District website, phone, email, or in person at the municipal office during business hours. All feedback received will be diligently reviewed by the committee, which may then recommend appropriate actions.

The full accessibility plan can be viewed here

For more information on the accessibility plan and how to get involved, please visit the District of Vanderhoof website.

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