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‘Summer of 69’ songwriter Jim Vallance launches music scholarship for Vanderhoof school

Vallance lived in Vanderhoof and attended NVSS in the 1960’s
Jim Vallance. (Submitted/NVSS)

In a heartfelt tribute to his roots, Canadian music legend Jim Vallance, whose musical odyssey commenced in Vanderhoof in the mid-1960s, is setting up a music scholarship at the Nechako Valley Senior Secondary (NVSS).

The 71-year-old songwriter’s commitment, including a generous donation of $1000 and his fourth Juno award, will be personally bestowed upon NVSS during a special ceremony scheduled for May 25.

Vallance, relocated to Vanderhoof in 1964 and spoke about the profound influence the community exerted in nurturing his nascent musical ambitions.

His iconic song “Summer of ‘69,” immortalizing his formative years in Vanderhoof, pays homage to the town’s enduring impact, rendering this occasion a poignant celebration of Vallance’s ties to his roots.

Now, Vallance endeavors to give back by championing the establishment of the “Jim Vallance Excellence in Music Scholarship,” designed to support musically gifted students at NVSS.

“Vanderhoof is where I first discovered my love for music all those years ago. I owe it a debt of gratitude that I can never fully repay. My aspiration is that the Jim Vallance Excellence in Music Scholarship will furnish aid and inspiration to budding musicians in the community,” remarked Vallance.

Throughout his career, Vallance has written numerous songs for musicians such as Bryan Adams, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne among others.

Ken Young, Principal of NVSS said it was “tremendously heartening” to learn about Vallance’s scholarship initiative for the school.

“Mr. Vallance is an alumnus of NVSS, and his narrative of hailing from a small town and ascending to legendary status in the music realm, both domestically and internationally, serves as a wellspring of inspiration for our students and budding musicians,” Young said.

“To realize that he commenced his journey right here in our quaint town of Vanderhoof and at NVSS underscores the notion that no dream is too lofty. Through this scholarship, our students will be afforded the opportunity to chase their dreams, just as Jim did. On behalf of NVSS, I extend our heartfelt gratitude for your benevolence,” Young added.

The May 25 event will be held at 6 p.m. at NVSS in Vanderhoof. NVSS extends a cordial invitation to the community to partake in this historic event.

Attendees can anticipate an evening replete with memorabilia exhibitions, enthralling anecdotes from Jim Vallance and his erstwhile bandmates, and live musical renditions.

For further details regarding the event or the Jim Vallance Excellence in Music Scholarship, kindly reach out to:

Wayne Deorksen: 250-613-1963 Tom Bulmer: 250-567-8438

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