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Vanderhoof Police blotter

Files of note for the week of July 20 - 27

49 files processed

9 prisoners lodged in cells

Vehicle pursuit

On 26 July, received a call from a driver parked at a rest stop who reported he observed a male and a female arguing. The male jumped out of the back of a 5 ton truck and closed the door with the female locked in the back. The female was heard screaming and banging on the door. The male got into the cab and took off. Officers were unable to stop the truck with emergency equipment, hence commenced a pursuit of the vehicle registered to a company, so the identity of the occupants was unknown. The truck eventually pulled over and stopped on Highway 16 east of Vanderhoof. The driver jumped out and fled on foot. Officers opened the back of the truck and found the female physically unharmed. She was non cooperative, refused to provide a statement, and was released after claiming that they are in a relationship and she went into the back of the truck “to cool down.” In the mean time, Vanderhoof detachment called in the Prince George police dog unit and after a long foot chase, managed to apprehend the male. He was taken into custody, lodged in a cell overnight, then transported to P.G to appear in court the next day.

Stolen property

Vanderhoof RCMP received a request from Prince George to recover stolen property possibly located at an address on Stump Road south east of Vanderhoof. Officers attended the address to recover the stolen items. Not all items were recovered, officers searched the property to no avail.

False alarms

Two separate calls to attend NVSS as the school alarms were activated. It was determined by attendants that they were false alarms, most likely from staff on site or as a result of heavy equipment passing by and working on the premises.

Familial assault

Officers were called to a report by a male that he was assaulted by his aunt who hit him over the head with an unknown object and then locked him out. The victim declined to give a statement and did not want to press charges. Both parties were grossly intoxicated, subsequently arrested for drunkeness and lodged in cells overnight till sober.

Fight over infant

Officers were called to a report of a domestic assault. The female participant wanted to leave the residence with a six week old baby and the male wouldn’t let her. There was no physical assault, it was a verbal argument about custody of the infant. RCMP asked for assistance from the Ministry of Children and Families. Members received confirmation that it was in fact the male who was delegated by the Ministry to be the primary caregiver as he is the most sober and able to care for the child.

- with files from Sgt. B. Holley