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Coastal GasLink meets major milestones in 2021 with the support of local communities

Several achievements marked thanks to support and perseverance of workforce, partners + communities
Coastal GasLink Indigenous engagement lead Sarah helps to connect the project to communities.

As the year draws to a close, Coastal GasLink is proud to look back on all that we have accomplished and overcome in 2021 thanks to the hard work of everyone involved in the project.

In particular, we’d like to recognize the many local and Indigenous communities along the project route who are working with us towards our shared goals. More than anything else, it’s the power of the extraordinary communities where we have the privilege to live and work that has allowed us to complete nearly 60 per cent of the project, and put us well on our way to safely transporting clean-burning natural gas to support the world’s energy transition.

“At Coastal GasLink, we recognize that these milestones would not be possible without the strong support we receive every day from our Indigenous and local communities, who are foundational to our collective success,” says Kiel Giddens, Coastal GasLink’s Manager of Public Affairs.

One of our significant achievements is safely completing seven of nine major watercourse crossings, including the Murray River Crossing, one of the largest trenchless water crossings on the project. These water crossings, and much of our construction work, was completed safely with monitoring from our Construction Monitoring and Community Liaison (CMCL) Advisors who observe, record and report out on implementation of construction activities in their traditional territories.

And as construction ramped up to prepare for our important summer and fall construction periods, our Community Workforce Accommodation Advisors (CWAA) returned to our lodges, to provide our workforce with a better understanding of the rich traditions and culture of the lands on which live and work. Thanks to the dedication and warmth of the Indigenous advisors who run the program, we continue to build respectful, inclusive, and transparent relationships between workers and the local communities that host them.

Coastal GasLink marked a number of project milestones in 2021 thanks in large part to the support of local and Indigenous communities.
Coastal GasLink marked a number of project milestones in 2021 thanks in large part to the support of local and Indigenous communities.

“Together, we are building a legacy, and working hard each and every day to build our project safely, respectfully, and sustainably,” says Giddens. “We extend our continued gratitude to everyone for coming together every day to achieve the extraordinary.”

Our progress this year would not have been possible without the dedication and generosity of everyone involved in the project. On behalf of the Coastal GasLink team, thank you for your outstanding commitment to creating an extraordinary legacy and building a future we can all be proud of.

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