Craig Lepoidevin looks to win a seat on Fraser Lake council again

Craig Lepoidevin looks to win a seat on Fraser Lake council again

Lepoidevin is prepared to devote all his time to improving the lot of the village

Councillor Craig Lepoidevin would like to continue to represent the Village of Fraser Lake.

The last four years have flown by for him but he thinks a lot has been taken care of in that time.

“We accomplished beautifying White Swan Park,” he says, “And now there’s camping down there for public travellers, which is very much appreciated.”

He says it is important to continue to entice tourist dollars to the village to get it through some difficult times.

“It’s been a tough go so far trying to bring people in, especially with the wildfires,” he says, “But we’ve been working on improving our hiking and biking trails, so people have access to the lakes and woods in our beautiful surroundings.”

If voted in, he says he would continue to promote the Stellako River as a fly fishing destination for anglers from far and wide.

Lepoidevin is also counting on the community forest initiative that he has played a role in to generate quite a few tax dollars for the community.

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“It should be a big help once it gets up and running,” he says.

The former business owner of Par 3 sports was born and raised in Fraser Lake and has no intention of leaving any time soon, so wants to devote his full attention to improving the village for all its residents.

The village’s youth are near and dear to Lepoidevin, so he devotes much of his free time to youth sports, coaching his son and daughter in minor hockey, soccer and slow pitch.

He says activity and recreation are key to a healthy community and leads by example. He and his wife, rode the Cops for Cancer Tour De North two years in a row, raising $13,000 between the two of them for kids with cancer.

Lepoidevin would also like to improve the selection of services on offer for the village’s seniors, who have given Fraser Lake so much and deserve to be treated well in their golden years.

Most importantly, Lepoidevin says he wants to see the community grow.

“We need to increase our population and bring in more families,” he says, “It’s too quiet right now as there’s not enough industry in the town since the mine closed down. We need something like that to open again and be a big asset to our community.”

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