LeRoy Vossler is running for councillor in the District of Vanderhoof. Heather Norman photo

LeRoy Vossler is running for councillor in the District of Vanderhoof. Heather Norman photo

LeRoy Vossler is running for district council

Vossler wants to give back to the community and help diversify the local economy

LeRoy Vossler is running for district council.

Vossler is semi-retired, and has spent most of his life active in his community. He runs a horse breeding operation now, which ships horses to Europe, but used to work for the Ministry of Forests as an operations manager. He’s also volunteered as director and chair of the Integris Credit Union Board, director of the Nechako Credit Union Board, president of the Northwest Rodeo Society and president of the B.C. Angus Association, among others.

As well as working for the government, Vossler was the owner and manager of Feed and Farm Supply Retail, he’s managed credit unions, and been ranching for the last 45 years.

And now, Vossler says, it’s time to give back to his community. “I think I’m at a stage in life where giving back is important to me and being active and giving back to the community is important; I’ve been so busy trying to make a living and become a millionaire, and that didn’t work out so good, so I guess it’s time to work for other people as well.”

He spent much of his career in a leadership role, he’s got a history of fiscal responsibility, and he says he’s a good listener.

Vossler also says he isn’t running on a platform. “I don’t have any issues, I’m not interested in running for the council because I think something is wrong and I’m going to go fix it; I think it’s more of a situation where I think I can add and assist and help [the community] with my experience and education.”

With that said, he would like to see the town undergo some economic diversification. Vanderhoof is very reliant on two industries, forestry and agriculture, says Vossler.

“If something happens to those then you’ve got no fall-back, and I think that we’ve got some good resources here that could carry our community should our forest industry or agricultural industry falter or weaken. So I think it’s important that we understand that we need to have more diversification in out economic base. That probably would be something I’d be interested in seeing if I couldn’t help the town and the community to achieve.”

Some of the industries that Vossler thinks could help diversify the economy are mining, recreation and conservation, education, and transportation. He says if he had a platform, diversifying the local economy would be what he most wants to do.

“I know people like to hear, ‘What is this candidate out here waving a flag for?’ I’m just for the people, for the community.”


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