Kim Watt-Senner is hoping to add councillor to her list of community roles in Fraser Lake. Contributed photo

Kim Watt-Senner is hoping to add councillor to her list of community roles in Fraser Lake. Contributed photo

Retired RCMP officer Kim Watt-Senner in the running for Fraser Lake council

Watt-Senner spent 19 years with the RCMP and also owns a business in Fraser Lake

A retired RCMP officer and active community member, Kim Watt-Senner would like a seat on Fraser Lake village council.

Watt-Senner and her husband, also a retired RCMP officer, moved to Fraser Lake a few years ago.

“My husband grew up in Fraser Lake, so that was the pull to come back,” says Watt-Senner.

“We loved the area and wanted to retire on the lake. We bought a ranch on the water and once we got situated with our animals and the infrastructure, I became involved with the community. I feel that when a community is this special, you have to give back.”

Watt-Senner calls Fraser Lake a “hidden gem,” with its wealth of outdoor activities and beautiful surroundings.

She has been PAC president at Fraser Lake Elementary Secondary School for two terms, coached basketball and community soccer teams along with her husband, and started a business, The Rusty Pitchfork Farm Market.

She also previously owned an professional organizing company, which went on to become Canada’s largest professional organizing company.

“We had franchises in B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan, we were going into Ontario, and my husband was in a police car accident and he ended up leaving the RCMP a few years after that. So we decided that we wanted to do more of the things we loved, which was family and outdoor time, and less of the things we didn’t care for, which was being crazy busy.”

But Watt-Senner is prepared for the challenge of sitting on council.

“I believe that sometimes when someone comes from the outside in, they bring new ideas to the table and I think that maturity and good personal organizational skills are really a lovely blend for success, insofar as the political arena is concerned. I love people. I have a lot of fun,” she comments.

She would like to see Fraser Lake diversify its economy.

“Right now we have the sawmill and we have a bit of tourism, and some ranching in there as well.

“The community has been still trying to recuperate from the loss [of the mine]. Our major industry now is obviously wood and wood byproducts, but unfortunately there is flux in the market for lumber. I would love to see Fraser Lake diversify into some type of manufacturing,” she says.

She also thinks the area’s tourism industry could grow.

“We have a gorgeous ecological paradise – we have a beautiful lake, mountains, outdoor activities, clean air, affordable living… it’s the perfect recipe to increase tourism dollars. I believe we need to increase our ability to access those funds. We need to look at different avenues to pull those tourist dollars into our community.”

Watt-Senner believes her experience in managing businesses would be an asset on council.

“I have a level head, I can listen and have common sense. I believe in being an independent thinker and I’m not afraid to take a stand on tough issues, as long as they are the best course of action for our community. I’m firm but fair,” she says.

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