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7 puppies found living in ‘deplorable’ conditions in Vancouver trailer

1 puppy will need repeat bloodwork, BC SPCA says
One of the puppies rescued from a trailer in Vancouver by the BC SPCA. (BC SPCA)

The BC SPCA is asking the public for financial aid as it seeks to take care of seven puppies who were found living in “deplorable” conditions.

“The puppies were discovered in a trailer running loose with no visible food or water,” said Jodi Dunlop, manager at the BC SPCA Vancouver. “When they arrived they were lethargic and clearly had been living in an unsanitary home.”

All seven puppies have received veterinary care and were found to be underweight and had parasites. Two of the puppies required emergency medical care because they were dehydrated, not eating and anemic.

Those two puppies had an ultrasound and bloodwork done and received 48 hours of IV fluids. One of them will need repeat bloodwork while all seven puppies need vaccines, deworming and spaying or neutering.

“These little pups are adorable,” Dunlop said. “Once they are all feeling better they are going to make great family members.”


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