On June 2

On June 2

Assault at Vanderhoof hotel

A woman came into Glen's Motor Hotel on June 2 with a knife and bear spray then got into an argument and hurt several people.

On the evening of July 2, RCMP responded to a situation at Glen’s Motor Hotel on First street involving a local woman who is in custody for four counts of assault with a weapon.

At about 9 or 9:30 p.m. a local adult female got into a heated argument with another woman in a small group while in one of the hotel rooms.

The suspect proceeded to use bear mace on the group and there was a scuffle throughout the building. The suspect produced a steak knife from which one individual received minor cuts on their hands and arms.

Sergeant Jason Keays, Vanderhoof RCMP, said the suspect specifically targeted these individuals and they had history between them. Drugs may also have been involved. Vanderhoof residents are “exceptionally safe” Keays said. People should have no fear of individuals with bear spray if they are not involved in drugs.

Because bear mace spreads quickly and is damaging to mucous membranes like the nose and eyes, Glen’s Motor Hotel had to be evacuated and ventilated. The process of ventilation took at least a couple hours according to Joe Pacheco, Vanderhoof fire chief.

The suspect is known to police and is in custody, RCMP are asking for her to stay in custody but that remains up to the judicial system.

None of the victims received life-threatening injuries but RCMP had to call in the fire department to assist in venting the building from the bear spray.

“I’d like to acknowledge the excellent cooperation with the fire department and the BC Ambulance service,” said RCMP Sgt. Jason Keays.