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B.C. hair salon target of ‘cowardly’ anti-mask graffiti

DC Krew owners dismayed after ‘#MASK NAZIS’ scrawled on windows in spray paint
DC Krew Hair Company owners Sandra Davies and Madi Clark say that am anonyous spray painter should have talked to them face to face about their mask policy - instead of defacing the front of their Foster Street business. (Contributed photo)

Sandra Davies and Madi Clark, partners in the DC Krew Hair Company salon in uptown White Rock, feel as though they’ve been doing all the right things in following pandemic health and safety rules and guidelines for the safety of clients and staff alike.

That’s why they were particularly disappointed to discover Thursday morning that their salon, at 1538 Foster St., had been targeted for what they’re calling “cowardly” anti-masker graffiti.

After closing up shop at 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday they arrived at 8:30 a.m. the next day to find the words ‘#MASK NAZIS’ scrawled across the salon’s front windows in orange spray paint.

With the help of the White Rock RCMP constable dispatched to investigate, the paint was removed by 9:45 a.m. Police are now reviewing security camera footage to try to identify the perpetrator, Davies told Peace Arch News later Thursday morning.

“We feel it was done early in the morning, because the paint was still tacky when we got there,” Davies said.

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She acknowledged that the salon is currently asking clients to wear masks, but maintains they have not had a single negative reaction from patrons – or staff, who are also wearing masks – about the policy.

“We’re a small business that has been highly affected by COVID and we still have restrictions on activities in our industry,” she explained.

“We’re asking that everyone wear masks because we can’t social distance – when we’re washing hair or cutting hair we’re in your personal space.

“Also out of a staff of nine, we have five who are double-vaccinated and the other four are waiting for their second shot. We’ve been told that if two of our employees get sick (WorkSafe) can shut us down completely.”

DC Krew, which had barely been open 10 weeks when the pandemic state of emergency was declared last March, already endured being shut down for 10 weeks following that.

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“And when we could open again we had a lot of restrictions – we had to have distancing, we could only have so many chairs, we had to change all our shifts,” Davies said.

She said that everybody on staff is “on board” with wearing masks at present, and taking all other recommended precautions – including intensive sanitizing – until restrictions can be lifted further.

“Everybody’s worried about a fourth wave. If we get another shut-down a lot of businesses won’t survive that.”

Davies said that she and Clark and their staff are “really disappointed” that the salon was targeted in this way.

“We feel we’re doing the right thing. We’re trying to have a very comfortable environment for our clients to come into. And we have fantastic clients – when we explain it to them, they totally get it,” she said.

“But somebody doesn’t get it,” she added, calling the actions of the anonymous spray-painter “cowardly.”

“If you have a question about what we’re doing, come and ask me. If you have a problem with it, come and talk to me – don’t deface our business,” she said.

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