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Christian Heritage Party candidate hails from Vanderhoof

He spent 34 years as a helicopter pilot and travelled all over

Christian Heritage Party of Canada candidate Henry Thiessen is running in Cariboo Prince George riding, something he attempted in 2011.

Born and raised in Vanderhoof, he spent 34 years as a helicopter pilot and travelled all over.

“I wasn’t around as much, but I still had a home address in Vanderhoof,” he said. “I am married and between my wife and I we have five children and 11 grandchildren.”

In 2011 he got 440 votes out of a possible 70,000, yet said even if he got 10 votes it would have been worthwhile.

“The big thing for me is having the opportunity to be a voice. That’s a really big thing right now because it’s hard to find a platform to speak to the issues truthfully.”

When he was asked what he hoped to accomplish by running this time around, he responded he has tried for a long time to speak to members of parliament and members of the legislature and write letters to the editor.

“It is difficult. Even on social media we are being censored. Unless you follow the government narrative, it’s classified as misinformation.”

He listed tyranny as the biggest issue presently facing Canada and the world.

“It’s being implemented through medical tyranny as some people have called it. We are being told that we have this invisible enemy we need to be afraid of and that justifies taking away so many of our freedoms. That’s a huge threat to our country.”

Thiessen said the housing shortage in his community is preventing doctors and teachers from moving to Vanderhoof.

“People are not going to move their families here if they cannot find a place to live. I am actually connected to people who are working to alleviate the problem, but one of the barriers they face is the red tape on the municipal and government levels in order to proceed with their projects.”

In his biography on the party’s website, Thiessen noted he is committed to the policies and platform of the CHP, and stands to defend life and liberty in all stages of life.

“The CHP theme in this election is; “Life, Family, and Freedom.” When defined correctly, these are foundational building blocks of a healthy and prosperous society,” his biography noted.

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