Council: pool, recreation centre, water tank updates

Aquatic Centre design update, Integris Recreation Centre update, ater tank replacement discussion, and new district foreman

Aquatic Centre design update

Meeting for the first time on Apr. 6, the Vanderhoof pool design committee discussed the possible funding scenarios the district is working towards.

A series of questions were also raised for the pool’s architect, including:

– If the scope of the project has been defined?

– When the capital estimate would be established?

– If the Geotechnical survey could be provided?

– Whether the observation area would be large enough?

– What might the additional costs be for having a sauna?

– Does the initial pricing support the possibility of adding the second floor in the future?

– Does the initial pricing support the possibility of adding the waterslide in the future?

Meetings are open to the public, and the committee next met on Apr. 13 at 7:00 p.m.


Integris Recreation Centre update

The centre’s renovation project will be committed to local contractor J. C.’s Waterworks Ltd., with the lowest bid at $650,000.

Project timeline is to be determined, with an estimated finish-date in September.


Water tank replacement discussion

Replacement of Vanderhoof’s over-sixty-year-old reservoir, booster station, and upper trunk main is estimated to cost $3,605,000.

The District of Vanderhoof looks to cover two-thirds of the cost by applying for the New Building Canada: Small Communities Fund, and the rest would be covered by the District.

The district council considered options such as borrowing or building reserves, and the discussion is deferred to the next budget meeting on Apr. 18.

Engineers reviewing the system three years ago found some deterioration on its walls, and advised that the tank would need to be replaced in three to five years from now.


New district foreman

Chad Westbrook, the District of Vanderhoof’s new public works foreman, started work on Mar. 31.

Originally from Colorado, Westbrook moved to Vanderhoof eight years ago when he married his Vanderhoof-born wife.

He spent his last 22 years working for municipalities in Colorado and Utah, where he became the parks and recreation superintendent.

In Vanderhoof, he worked in industrial construction for the mining and logging industries, as well as safety consulting.


Bednesti log cabin update

Discussion continues between the District of Vanderhoof and Saik’uz First Nation on moving a Saik’uz-owned log cabin in Bednesti to the grounds of the Vanderhoof Community Museum by the end of this year or in early 2017.

Potential funding sources include the B.C. Rural dividend as well as regional foundations.

A geotechnical study will be done on the building’s future location on museum grounds.

With capacity to hold up to 200 people, the 3,250-square-foot building may be turned into an arts cultural centre.

Next discussion will take place at the log building on Apr. 20.


– with files from the District of Vanderhoof