Crime statistics for October

Crime statistics for October

Alcohol related offences in Vanderhoof top the list for the month

In October, the Vanderhoof RCMP attended 312 calls for service in comparison to 342 last year during the same month.

There were a total of twelve assaults in Vanderhoof and five in Saik’uz.

Two break-and-enters and one theft of vehicle.

The police were called out for five calls for mischief in Vanderhoof and nine in Saik’uz.

In terms of liquor offences which were the most calls for the month, Vanderhoof had 18 calls and there were three in Saik’uz.

There were six offences in the district where people were impaired while driving a motor vehicle and two in Saik’uz.

Lastly, there were 5 breaches of probation in town and seven in Saik’uz.

Aman Parhar
Editor, Vanderhoof Omineca Express

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