Darren Carpenter for Vanderhoof city council

Darren Carpenter is running again for Vanderhoof city council

  • Oct. 27, 2014 7:00 p.m.

Vanderhoof: Carpenter, Darren – councillor candidate

It seems like yesterday that I was running for Council for the very first time. Now six years, two elections, and two children later I find myself once more before you asking for your support to be one of your Councillors for the District of Vanderhoof. Our region and community have been subject to a great deal of change these past years. We have grown with our community together in the face of some great challenges and now experience a region facing unprecedented opportunities. Like many of you, I have altered my worldview as I have progressed through life with family, play and work. I now find myself striving for a community vision that best complements all these facets and the many great things they create. I will continue to support and move forward initiatives that promote a healthy community, strong local health care options, and a community with a sense of self when it comes to arts and culture. We can continue to work towards these initiatives by ensuring the aquatic and community centres remain a central goal of the next council. We must continue to strive to be a socially conscious community. My vision for this community is one that looks to support innovative solutions to support the elderly such as the Seniors Connected program. One which supports the very young by partnering with other organizations to offer affordable and accessible daycare. One which advocates for our most vulnerable citizens when they need us the most. As my family has grown, I have become more aware of the need to support youth recreation. I have been pleased to be part of a council that finds ways to support Minor Hockey, Speed Skating and Figure Skating with better ice times and affordable rates. I was happy to find a solution for new fields for our growing minor soccer association. I have also been pleased to support non-organized sports such as the bike park and potentially a skate park in Vanderhoof. As always, there is pride when one is able to support community programs that give back so much, such as the Farmer’s Market, Community Garden, Library, Search and Rescue and our Fire Department. I will continue to advocate for policies that promote fiscal responsibility, leverage our unique geographic position, diversify our local economy, and to never lose sight of the core economic drivers of our town. At the end of the day, I look to honor the hard work of those before me while looking forward with a vision of growth and prosperity for all of Vanderhoof.