NVSS students participate in the Global Climate Strike on Sept. 27, 2019. (Aman Parhar photo)

NVSS students participate in the Global Climate Strike on Sept. 27, 2019. (Aman Parhar photo)

Enviro-Vikes from NVSS are concerned about the lack of ICI recycling options

The student leadership group has written a letter to the regional district to understand the options available for paper recycling

Nechako Valley Secondary students are concerned about the lack of paper recycling at the school and have written to the regional district as well as Vanderhoof mayor and council, to express the need for better recycling services in the community.

“We think it is really important for young people to learn about ways to protect the environment and learn about ways to become responsible citizens,” wrote the Enviro-Vikes.

The letter written by the Student Leadership Group, was received by the district of Vanderhoof on Nov. 12 and released to the public during a regular public meeting on Nov. 25.

In 2010, that there were a group of students from NVSS who were interested in making the school a more environmentally responsible place, stated the letter, adding that the group bought blue recycling boxes for each classroom and encouraged everyone to recycle paper

As a result of changes in recycling programs across BC, the school is no longer able to do this.

“We don’t understand why our teachers are limited with their efforts to help teach students about being environmentally responsible,” stated the letter.

The group says that teachers want to recycle in classrooms, but cannot do so because they are not supposed to bring their paper recycling to the local waste transfer station, as the school is classified as an Institution under the new Recycling BC regulations.

No ICI paper is currently accepted at the waste transfer station, and the group wants to know what kind of options are available to the school for their paper and cardboard recycling program to continue.

“We have students who are willing to collect paper recycling and had a system set up, so that it was collected each week by community members with special needs in a work program.”

The school also collects and recycles beverage cans, cardboard, batteries, cell phones, pens and markers and ink cartridges.

Students are also looking for feedback and hope they can start the school paper recycling again.

“It is one way for students to learn about being better global and environmentally responsible citizens, lessen our environmental impact on a daily basis,” they wrote in conclusion.

The district has sent a letter of support to the Environment chair at the RDBN, and have requested a meeting between the chair and Enviro-Vikes.

Aman Parhar
Editor, Vanderhoof Omineca Express


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