Epic snowfall precedes Big Air Competition

Murray Ridge Ski Area hosts Big Air Competition on Feb. 24.

Quinn Moeller won the Big Air Competition at Murray Ridge on Feb. 24.

Quinn Moeller won the Big Air Competition at Murray Ridge on Feb. 24.

The significant dump of snow overnight on Feb. 23 meant Murray Ridge Ski Area had some of the best riding of the season on the Sunday, but it also meant a green light for the Big Air competition.

While the Rail Jam Competition had still been a go-ahead, the big jumps in the terrain park were not expected to be in competition form, so no Big Air was planned, but with fresh snow and some great last-minute grooming to get the park in shape, there was a Big Air, Rail Jam and a Ground Tricks Competition on Feb. 24.

The competitions were a chance for local skiers and boarders to practice competing in front of a crowd in preparation for Slush Cup weekend March 8 to 9.

The addition of the Ground Tricks competition was new, and a learning curve for entrants and judges.

This competition involved a large square area drawn out on the snow, inside of which they set up one short bench to use as an obstacle. Competitors rode into the area on their skis or board and attempted to do different tricks such as “butters” while spinning, stalling on, or ollieing the bench.

“Butters” involve bending the board or skis so one end comes up off of the snow and the other end on the snow slides across the snow, like the person is “buttering” the snow with their board or skis.

“Ollieing” uses the spring of the board to jump off of the ground.

Spectators from the lodge enjoyed the ground tricks show and cheered the competitors as they relaxed after the best powder day the hill had seen in awhile.


Ground Tricks


First – Steven Pippy

Second – Kobe Russell

Third – Jayden Greenaway


Rail Jam


First – Harley Everson

Second – Randall Omeara

Third – Jayden Greenaway

Big Air


First – Quinn Moeller

Second – Randall Omeara

Third – Kobe Russell