Feb. 10 Police Update: January numbers up from 2015

Feb. 10 Police Update: January numbers up from 2015

In the past week, the local RCMP detachment lodged 78 calls.


Comparing the past month with January 2015

In Vanderhoof, total police calls in the first month of the New Year has risen from 281 in last January to 312 this year.

In particular, the number of impaired drivers increased from one last year to 12 this January — a positive statistic that points more to increased RCMP enforcement, than the rise in impaired driving, said Sgt. Svend Nielsen.

“Members have been very proactive; it shows commitment from the local detachment,” Nielsen said. “One of our main priorities is impaired driving and traffic.”

Another focus of Vanderhoof’s RCMP is its crime reduction program for repeating offenders.

The total number of files lodged on breaching conditions was seven last year, while 34 was lodged this January.

“We have a top 11 list of priority offenders,” Nielsen said. “Top six are all in custody.”

Contributing to the volume of Vanderhoof’s police files, the chronic offenders are mostly involved with assaults, complaints, as well as potential drug trafficking.


– with files from Sgt. Svend Nielsen, Vanderhoof RCMP