Feb. 17 Police Update: summer cabin break-and-enter, bridge holdup, belongings overboard

Feb. 17 Police Update: summer cabin break-and-enter, bridge holdup, belongings overboard

Summer cabin break-and-enter alert

Three cases of seasonal cabin break-and-enter have been reported so far this year in Cluculz Lake, with the most recent case reported on Feb. 5.

Only minor items were lost from the incidents, including a .22 rifle, Sgt. Svend Nielsen said.

The small spike in these crimes may be a common problem at this time of year, as the cabins become less used during wintertime, he added

Though the incidents were reported recently, the break-and-entering could have happened over several weeks this season.

Two of the locations have been checked by the RCMP’s forensics team, who gathered physical evidence, including fingerprints, for the continuing investigation.

The police advises cabin owners to leave the property bare or keep valuables hidden — such as storing firearms in gun safes at home.


Burrard bridge holdup

On Feb. 9, a false complaint of a young boy jumping off Burrard bridge was reported to Vanderhoof’s RCMP at 3:30 p.m.

A man reportedly saw a child on a bike going off the bridge’s east side railing, but the police quickly proved that nothing had happened, according to physical evidence, Nielsen said.

Bike marks on the pedestrian walkway were observed to have continued along the path, with no indication left behind on the bridge’s railing, nor on the ice below. An individual could not have slipped into the river as well, given the thickness of the ice at the time, Nielsen added.

The man was determined to be hallucinating, as he relayed further observations that on-scene RCMP members did not perceive.

Neither drugs nor alcohol was a factor in the false report, and the man was taken to the hospital, Nielsen said.


Stray belongings overboard

Vanderhoof’s police received two to three reports of items falling off pickup trucks on the road last week.

Though no accidents have been caused by the fallen debris, the RCMP advised drivers to secure all loads before hitting the road — vehicles with insecure loads could be fined for $109.

– with files from Sgt. Svend Nielsen, Vanderhoof RCMP